Picking your Christmas tree

Picking your Christmas tree

For the big kid in all of us, there’s nothing quite like a sparkling Christmas tree to kick off the festive season. Better yet, get yourself a living Christmas tree that will last beyond December 25 and will make for a wonderful family centrepiece.

At Folia House, you’ll find two gorgeous Christmas tree species on offer:

WHITE SPRUCE (Picea Glauca)

Placed in a decorative pot, white spruce is an excellent long-lasting Christmas tree. This tree species thrives in sunlight, so be sure to keep your white spruce in a light filled area with slightly moist soil to ensure they last beyond the end of the festive season.

After Christmas, place your tree outside in a shady spot and then gradually reintroduce it to filtered sun.

White spruce grows to 1.5m high x 80cm wide in the first 10 years.

BLUE SPRUCE (Picea Pungens)

With a beautiful blue-grey colour, this species is native to North America.

This is a feature tree for small gardens, rockeries and among the most widely planted ornamental spruces in gardens and parks. Blue spruces are great for pots due to their excellent form, beautiful colour and most importantly, they make a great traditional Christmas tree.

Blue spruces are a long-lived tree species, living up to 200 years in the forest.

The care instructions for blue spruce is similar to white spruce, where they need lots of direct sunlight at the beginning of their lifecycle, but once Christmas is over, it’s best to place your blue spruce outside in a shady spot, gradually reintroducing filtered sun and then some direct sun.

Grows to 1.5m high x 1m wide in the first 10 years.

*Both white and blue spruces can be re-potted into a larger container if required. Head in-store and chat to Quynh and her friendly team to learn more about caring for your Christmas tree and to find the perfect tree for you and your family.