Erin Rhoads, Queen Victoria Market Sustainability Ambassador

Queen Victoria Market welcomes eco-lifestyle warrior, Erin Rhoads as its first-ever sustainability ambassador!

Erin, also known as The Rogue Ginger, has been on her own eco mission for the past seven years, and is excited to show Melbourne shoppers how to live and shop sustainably at the Queen Vic Market.

Throughout the year, Erin will share her tips and tricks on how to live life more sustainably, including recipes for reducing food waste, and interactive workshops.

Top Tips for Shopping Queen Vic Market

To kick things off, Erin shares her top five sustainable tips for shopping at the Queen Vic Market:

  1. Make a meal plan for the week.
  2. From your meal plan, create a shopping list of ingredients and take it with you to help minimise buying more than you need.
  3. Shop using your own bags and reusable containers (where permitted – check with your favourite traders) to reduce the need for plastic or pick up a free cardboard box at the Market.
  4. Choose local, Australian, organic produce where possible to reduce emissions created through transport and unnecessary food miles.
  5. Recycle any soft plastics, cardboard, metal or glass.

Click here for more of Erin’s super simple sustainable tips.

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