Autumn Produce Report

Autumn Produce Report

Queen Vic Market Ambassador Daniel Wilson shares his seasonal produce report for Autumn. Find all the freshest fruit and vegetable varieties in Sheds A, B, H and I.

Vegetables: As the days get shorter and the weather cools down we see some produce coming into the Market that reflects the change in season. I am a big fan of fennel bulb, whether it is thinly sliced for a salad or cut into wedges and roasted, and I normally get it from Peter at Green Leaf Produce.

Brussels sprouts and other brassicas such as cavalo nero and kale are starting to present great quality and value too. Parsnips are making their way onto the shelves, I love to add this when roasting vegetables or a silky puree by slicing and cooking in milk then pureeing with cream, butter, salt and white pepper for a belly warming accompaniment to braised lamb shanks or beef cheek.

Stop by Market Organics for some rainbow chard to boost your vitamin levels. Pumpkins are looking great, I like japla for its deep orange flesh and sweetness. Jerusalem artichokes, the tuber that likes to be heard as well as seen, are starting to appear too and will only get better over the next few weeks. Celeriac is showing excellent quality too.

Fruit: New season imperial mandarins have started, give them a gentle squeeze and look for the softer ones which will be more juicy, as suggested by Benny’s Fruit Corner. The first of the new season of apples have begun to appear. Try Kent or Jazz for a crisp white flesh that has a sweet sharp and aromatic flavour.  Custard apples, persimmons and pomegranates are in good quality and supply too. Keep your eyes peeled for quinces coming on strong. Finally for the Kiwi’s out there feijoas are great at this time of the year and make an excellent crumble!

Author: Daniel Wilson





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