Getting to know Andrew from Andrew Bertuleit Photography


This week we sat down with Andrew Bertuleit and discussed all things photography and how he turned his hobby of photography into the business which we now know and love as Andrew Bertuleit Photography.  

When did your passion for photography start?

Roughly about 10 years ago when I bought my first camera and it’s evolved into where I am now. I was completely hopeless at first but kept working at it and learning as much as possible just to get to the point where I could take what I thought was a reasonable image. Once I got to that point I just wanted to get better and better and that’s never stopped.

Fortunately all of the help and inspiration I needed back then was out there, mostly for free via YouTube tutorials or books or sites like 500px.

What do you shoot with? 

My current body is a Nikon D800 and my three main lenses are the 14-24, 24-70 and 70-200 because they’re the best and they cover most of what I want to shoot.

What are some of the highlights you’ve had thus far?

Flying in a small helicopter doing tight circles at a 45° angle over Manhattan with the doors off was quite exhilarating and also a little scary. I got a nice shot of Central Park out of it which was good (see below).

Photographing the gorges in the Karijini National Park here in Western Australia was also a treat. Just being out there, whether it’s Paris, Prague or the tip of Cape York is the best part of the job, and coming back with an image that I’m happy to print large and hang on the wall is extremely satisfying.

Why did you choose the Queen Victoria Market?

I chose the Vic Market because of the diverse range of customers that come through, the atmosphere and of course the vibrancy. It’s also nice to work at an Australian icon that’s famous all over the world and, if you had to pick an Australian city to photograph on a regular basis, Melbourne would be it.

Want to get to know Andrew more?

Visit his Queen Vic Market trader page here, and shop everything Andrew Bertuleit Photography online here.

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