In Conversation with Mark from Miller Ugg’s

In Conversation with Mark from Miller Ugg’s

We sat down with Mark from Miller Ugg’s to talk about how the business started back in 1983.  

Can you tell us about the history of Miller Ugg’s at Queen Victoria Market? How did it all start? 

My family and I moved to Australia in 1981, where we started producing Ugg boots in our Moorabbin factory in 1983 and a couple years later open our first retail shop at Queen Victoria Market. I have been involved since I was 14 years old and took over the family business in 1997. People know and love us for our 100% Australian sheepskin footwear, that’s why they keep coming back! 

What aspect of your business brings you the most joy and fulfillment?   

The most joy and fulfillment comes from providing high-quality Ugg boots and seeing customers come back for more. This is the only business I know; I was born into it, So, providing good quality and customers coming back looking for us to shop brings the most joy. We do our best to keep up with what customers are looking for. 

When reflecting on your business, what future do you see for yourself?   

When reflecting on the future of my business, I see myself keeping up with the competition and following what the younger generation is wearing. I aim to give them the designs they want, like short boots with high heels, while always offering the best price. 

Can you please tell us about your sourcing and manufacturing process? 

Our sourcing and manufacturing process is something we’re very proud of. Half of the manufacturing process is done right here in Australia, and we ensure that everything we use is 100% Australian sheepskin wool. 

What does a typical day at Queen Victoria Market look like?  

A typical day at Queen Victoria Market starts early for me. I begin my day at 7 AM and wrap up around 4 PM. I’ve been doing this for about 35 years now, and each day brings its own unique experiences. 

With Melbourne’s winter in full swing, it’s the perfect time to buy some Ugg boots!  

What advice do you have for customers on the care and maintenance of their UGG boots? 

My advice for customers is to Scotchgard them to protect against stains and water damage. When it’s time to clean them, use cold water and avoid hot water to keep the sheepskin in good condition. This will help ensure your boots stay looking great and last longer. 

What interesting stories or memorable moments from your time at the market that you can share with us? 

One of the most interesting and memorable moments from my time at the market happened about 20 years ago when Serena Williams bought around 20 pairs of our Ugg boots. Her mother had been coming by regularly, but I never knew who she was until I met with Serena. We used to send boots directly to Serena Williams, and of course, I got her signature too. It was a fantastic experience and a proud moment for our business! 

What do you love most about Queen Victoria Market? 

What I love most about Queen Victoria Market is the sense of community. Being next to the other stallholders, who have become friends and neighbours, feels like being part of a big family. We share everything and support each other, creating a friendly and close-knit environment that I cherish. 

Explore Miller Ugg’s range of Ugg boots at Queen Victoria Market on Tuesday and Thursday through to Sunday in J Shed, shop 67-69.  

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