Queen Street Stallholder Relocations

Queen Street Stallholder Relocations

Traders along Queen Street have moved to new locations within the Market’s iconic sheds as works are finalised on a new space for market visitors.

We have created a larger plaza area in Queen Street with more seating, shade and greenery making it easier to walk through while adding new undercover areas to relax and linger longer.

The below mentioned traders can now be found in their new locations at Queen Victoria Market.

Alex’s Belts
K Shed, Stall 107-108 (Thursday and Saturday)
K Shed, Stall 109-110 (Sunday)

Allansons Souvenirs
L Shed, Stalls 109-112 (Friday, Saturday and Sunday)

Anil Souvenirs
E Shed, Stalls 9-12 (Tuesday)
L Shed, Stalls 109-112 (Thursday)

Australiana Clothing 
Shed J, Stalls 3-4 (Sunday)

George’s Corn on the Cob
Centreway of of Shed E (Tuesday)
Top of Shed E (Friday)

Hong (with the red cap’s) Souvenirs
Corner of Queen Street and D Shed (Sunday)

Iris & Chris’ Hats, Scarves & Gloves
J Shed, Stalls 38-39 (Tuesday and Thursday)
Rear of K Shed, Stall 15-16 (Saturday)

Leo’s Engraving
K Shed, 103-106 (Tuesday)

Leserge Leather Goods
L Shed, Stalls 109-112 (Tuesday)
L Shed, Stalls 1-4 (Friday)

Pino’s Kitchenware
I Shed, Stalls 89-91 (Thursday and Saturday)

The Hat Project
Bottom of Shed C (Saturday)

Viltron’s Sunglasses
Rear of K Shed, Stalls 1-4 (Sunday)

Yakov & Diane’s Australiana Clothing 
L Shed, Stalls 1-2 (Tuesday and Thursday)
Rear of L Shed, Stalls 1-3 (Sunday)


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