Ruby Chocolate Now Available

Ruby Chocolate Now Available

Chocolate-lovers rejoice – ruby chocolate is now available at M&G Caifia at Queen Vic Market! Ruby chocolate is the first new chocolate flavour to be released in 80 years and becomes the fourth natural chocolate flavour after dark, milk and white.

Ruby chocolate was developed by Swiss chocolatier Barry Callebaut after years of experimenting and taste testing. It isn’t simply white chocolate with strawberry colouring, ruby chocolate is made from ruby cocoa beans, which gives it its distinctive, natural pink colour, and has a sweet, berry-like flavour and smooth texture.

Ruby chocolate will no doubt become popular with its highly Instagrammable pink colour and its unique sour but fruity taste. Only a handful of Australian retailers are selling ruby chocolate at this early stage, but Market shoppers are in luck! Customers can now purchase the buttons for cooking from M&G Caiafa in the Dairy Hall.

Come down to the Market and be one of the first Melburnians to try this special chocolate.

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