Andrew’s Bread Shop
Shop a large selection of artisan breads, bagels and pastries, including many gluten free options.
Call or text 0438 382 684 (Lawrence) to order. Pickup available Friday & Saturday only. 

Big Vic Deli
Offering a large selection of premium cured meats, with vacuum seal available for longer freshness. Just request this upon ordering.
Call or text 0411 374 479 (Kon) to order.

Bill’s Farm
Choose from a selection of ready-to-serve cheese and meat platter boxes.
Call or text 0408 538 606 (Malcolm), shop online to order or view the Bill’s Farm price list.

Curds & Whey
Shop a selection of locally made butters and artisan cheese.
Call or text 0402 211 700 (Jeremy) to order.

Dianne’s Delights
Choose from a selection of cured meats and pick up 4 delicious dips for just $10.
Call or text 0423 853 188 (Paris) to order, or view the Dianne’s Delights price list and the Dianne’s Delights Antipasto List.

Shop for over 350 specialty spices, herbs, salts, peppers, teas and sugars from around the world.
Browse their range online, and call the store on 9329 1686 or email to order.

Hellenic Deli
Shop a wide range of Greek specialty products including halva, olives and EVOO.
Call John on 9326 5319 or email

M & G Caiafa
Choose from a range of baked goods from Noisette Bakery and Burnham Bakery; or try their freshly baked croissants and cronnoli.
Call or text 0414 346 258 (Michael) or shop online for local delivery.

Shop this meat-free deli for a range of gluten free falafels, honey, dips, pestos, cheese and more.
Call or text 0421 780 438 (Denis) to order.

Queen Victoria Deli
With a huge selection of deli items including meat, cheese, antipasto and even home harvested honey.
Call or text 0412 002 043 (Faye) to order.

Ripe Cheese
Pick up a ‘Netflix & Cheese’ platter with a choice of 50 Australian artisanal cheeses; or your very own ‘Toast-at-home’ cheese toastie.
Email or shop online to order.

The Corner Larder
Stocking a huge range of local and imported cheese, smallgoods, dips and antipasto items. You can even pick up takeaway care packages and delicious grazing boxes.
Call or text 0413 599 067 (Kevin) or shop online for local delivery.

The Epicurean
Apart from a wide selection of products, we are offering the following 3 ‘Epic Cure’ packs to choose from.
The Epic Cure Pasta Pack: 500g Gentile (Italy) pack – Spaghetti or Penne, a bottle of Passata (Italy) and a medium tub of grated Australian parmesan) – $15
The Epic Cure Antipasto Pack: 2 small dips, a small tub of the ‘Euro’ mix olives in oil, a small tub of Sicilian olives in brine, 150g of mild or hot Casalingo salami or 100g of local prosciutto, and 2 packets of wafer crackers (GF option available) – $25
The Epic Cure Cheese Pack: 200g piece of D’affinois double cream Brie (France), Grand Royal 24 month aged cheddar (U.K.), Gippsland Shadows of Blue (Aus), 150g Spanish Artisanal quince paste, and 2 packets of wafer crackers (GF option available) – $40.
Simply email to order download The Epicurean price list.

The Land of Soy & Honey
Shop for a large selection of seasonal honey varieties. We are currently expecting new season RAW Australian MESSMATE honey which will be available 500g or 1kg glass jars.
Call Nick on 9326 7979 between 7am – 12pm on Market days, or email

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