Benny’s Fruit Corner
A huge range of seasonal, local fruit.
Call or text 0425 708 905 (Benny) to order.

Berries Corner
Huge selection of fruit & vegetables, plus seasonal produce boxes.
Order online for pickup or delivery.

Garden Organics
Seasonal, certified organic fruit & vegetable boxes. Prices ranging from $50 – $95.
Order online for pickup or delivery.

Gunday’s Fruit & Veg
Shop a variety of seasonal and exotic produce.
Call or text 0413 667 353 (Huseyin) to order.

Jem Market
With over 100 different fruit & vegetable items, customers can order boxes, bags or single items.
Call or text 0404 140 020 (Emma) to order or for a copy of their weekly price list.

Queen’s Harvest
Offering a full range of seasonal fruit & vegetables, herbs and specialty items such as tumeric, finger limes and horseradish. Also specialising in 1L fresh juice with flavours including Orange; Apple; Beetroot, Apple & Ginger; Orange, Mango & Passionfruit; Apple & Strawberry and Orange & Pineapple.
Email to order.

Shop seasonal fruit & vegetable boxes.
Call or text 0411 046 732 (Tony) to order.

The Apple Corner
Shop a huge selection of seasonal fruit & vegetables.
Email or call or text 0439 871 234 (Nancy) to order.

Twinkle Berrys
Formally Vic Market Organics, Twinkle Berrys offers organic seasonal fruit & vegetable boxes; plus a range of dry goods, rice, flour, grains, oats, muesli and more.
Box 1: Seasonal fruit & veg (carrots, pumpkin, potatoes, tomatoes, salad mix etc). The basics for one person. $50.
Box 2: Seasonal fruit & veg (all of box 1 plus garlic, ginger, kale, berries etc). Suitable for a couple. $80.
Box 3: Seasonal fruit & veg (A little more variety of box 1 & 2 plus some dry goods). Suitable for a couple plus child. $100.
Box 4: Seasonal fruit & veg (a lot more variety plus extra dry goods if requested). Suitable for four people. $150.
Box 5: Seasonal fruit & veg (it has a little of each of the best seasonal produce plus dry goods if requested). Suitable for five people. $200.
Email to order, or for a copy of their price list.

T Y Fresh Fruit & Vegetables
Shop seasonal fruit & vegetables.
Call or text 0432 298 556 (Tuo) to order.

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