Cosy Possum

Judy and Peter Krechman sell Men’s and Women’s garments made from natural fibres including merino wool, cashmere and a possum/merino/silk blend. The Possumsilk Collection™ is a luxurious range of Possumsilk knitwear and accessories for both men and women.

The possum fibre in Possumsilk comes from the New Zealand Brushtail Possum which is an introduced species causing enormous ecological damage to New Zealand’s native forests and wildlife. Possumsilk is a blend of 50% merino lambs wool, 40% possum fibre and 10% silk which is extremely warm, soft and lightweight to wear. Possumsilk also has superior anti-pill properties. The reason Possumsilk is so warm and lightweight is because of the possum fibre’s unique hollow structure, which gives it excellent thermal properties. The possum fur is blended with merino lambs wool and silk to give it added softness and strength.

A purchase from the Possumsilk Collection™ will go towards helping to protect New Zealand’s beautiful native forests.

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