‘MINE’FIELD – Exhibition by John Zurbo

‘MINE’FIELD – Exhibition by John Zurbo

‘MINE’FIELD is an exhibition of drawings on paper by John Zurbo.

Born in Maramaros Sziget, Transylvania in 1936 to Hungarian parents, Zurbo spent his early childhood in Rakos Csaba, near Budapest. Before the end of WWII the family moved to Wolfratshaousen, south of Munchen in Germany. From there they emigrated to Australia, arriving in Melbourne in October 1949 on the ‘Fair Sea’. He was 13 years old.

Zurbo studied Commercial Art at Swinburne Technical School, top of his Diploma graduating year in 1956 before going on to RMIT. He had an extensive career as an art director, designer and illustrator in both the advertising and film industry in Australia and Canada.

His skill as a storyboard artists was recognised in the 2000–01 Prime-time Emmy Awards for Outstanding Special Visual Effects for a mini-series in Frank Herbert’s DUNE. In March 2018 part of his Childhood Recollections series was shown at the Queen’s Hall, The Parliament of Victoria, for the Victorian Hungarian Council.

This current series, ‘MINE’FIELD [2017–18], emerged with slow wrath and dismay at the ongoing political maelstrom of obfuscation, indecision and denial.

Opening Night: 
Wednesday 10 April 2019, 6pm-9pm
Young Henrys brews and ReWine wines are available at the event.

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