SUQAR: Desserts & Sweets from the modern Middle East

SUQAR: Desserts & Sweets from the modern Middle East

Back for a very short visit to Melbourne, acclaimed chef, author and inspiration to a generation of Melbourne chefs, Greg Malouf will be in store in conversation with us about his new book SUQAR.

SUQAR (which means ‘sugar’ in Arabic) shares the secrets of more than 100 sweet treats inspired by Middle Eastern flavours – ranging from puddings and pastries, to ice creams, cookies, cakes, confectionary, fruity desserts and drinks.

The traditional time to eat sweets in the Middle East is not after meals (when fruit is served) but at breakfast, with coffee in between meals or on religious holidays and special occasions. The repertoire of these dishes is vast and varied.

In SUQAR, Greg and his writing partner Lucy Malouf have shared the best and most delectable sweet treats of the modern Middle East (alongside some personal favourites and tried-and-tested creations from Greg’s restaurant kitchens). The recipes merge the spices, flavours and scents of Greg’s childhood with the influence of Greg’s training in the West to create dishes in Greg’s signature Modern Middle Eastern style.

The book’s ten chapters cover: Fruit; Dairy; Frozen; Cakes; Cookies; Pastries; Doughnuts, Fritters & Pancakes; Halvas & Confectionery; Preserves; and Drinks. Accompanied by beautiful photography and illustrations, SUQAR is a journey through the sweets of the Middle East.

Over the years, we’ve launched every one of Greg & Lucy’s incredible books and we are extremely excited to be able to celebrate this new book with Greg and to share it with you.

Please join us for an intimate chat with Greg Malouf, as he takes time out from a brief return to Australia!

Location: Books for Cooks, 115-121 Victoria Street
Price: $10 per person + booking fee.

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