Holey Cheese Festival 2019 Wrap Up

Holey Cheese Festival 2019 Wrap Up

Is it too cheesy to reflect on a cheese festival? We don’t think so! A big thanks to everyone that came and celebrated cheese in all it’s glory and indulged with us at the 2019 Holey Cheese Festival.

We would particularly like to thank all of our superstar cheese-mongers inside the Dairy Produce Hall, and make special mention of the guest stallholders who popped up in in the Market’s Deli Lane including: 400 Gradi, Ripe Cheese, The Cypriot Kitchen, That’s Amore Cheese and French Cheese Australia. If you would like to remind yourself of their delicious offerings, head to the links above!

Throughout the week we had a number of former MasterChef contestants and cheese enthusiasts come along to provide Market-goers with cheesy tips and tricks as they put on the apron for various cooking demonstrations. Thanks to Simon Toohey, Monica Mignone, Tati Carlin, Anushka Zargaryan, Sandeep Pandit, Leah Milburn-Clark, Pia Gava and the team from That’s Amore Cheese.  

Cauliflower Cheese by Simon Toohey.
Tiramisu by Monica Mignone.
Cheesy Chicken Croquette by Tati Carlin.

Enjoy the suite below and reminisce on the week that was!


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