Why Queen Vic Market?

The Queen Victoria Market is an incubator for small businesses and in 2019 attracted over 10 million visitors to the Market.

Queen Victoria Market remains the most popular visitor attraction in Victoria (outside of the CBD) for international visitors with over half of all international visitors to Victoria including the iconic Market as part of their travel itinerary.

Home to over 600 small businesses, Queen Victoria Market is a great place to discover fresh and specialty produce, hand-made and unique products, great coffee, food, souvenirs and clothing.

Looking for a shop (as opposed to a stall)? We’re located in the Dairy Hall, Meat Hall, Elizabeth Street, Victoria Street, F Shed and the Food Court as well as other parts of the Market.

There is a fundamental difference between a Lease (Tenancy) and Licence here at the Market.

A Lease gives a tenant exclusive possession of a specific premises/location. i.e. the fixed shops you find in the named locations above.

A Licence is a more flexible agreement which is merely a right to occupy a location but does not give the trader the right to the “tenancy”, therefore a licence operator would operate a stall at a named location anywhere under the open air sheds.

If you are not looking to purchase an existing business, follow the link to Become a Trader at Queen Victoria Market.

Leases For Sale


Shop 3, F-Shed: Retail Premise Opportunity

The Market is seeking expressions of interest for a retail premise/ fixed shop selling general merchandise.

This lockable premise is right in the heart of the Market, located at the Queen Street end of F-Shed.

Business Features: Electricity, running water and private bathroom

Size: 5m wide x 7m deep

Expiry of Lease: 13 April 2023

Trading days: Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday

Permitted Use: Sale of photographic prints

Rent: Available upon application

Sale Price & General Enquiries: Please contact Andrew Bertuleit on 0429 133 133 or email andrew.bertuleit@gmail.com

Licences For Sale

No active listings.

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