Queen Victoria Market showcases Melbourne’s diverse and vibrant small business community. Home to more than 600 small businesses, shop the market for Melbourne’s best fresh produce along with an incredible range of specialty goods from Melbourne’s best makers and creators.

Meet the freshest faces of Queen Vic Market including:


Frederick’s unique product range promises to elevate your culinary experience with a diverse selection of offerings. From savoury delights like scallop pies to sweet treats such as chocolate-topped ice cream, and refreshing options like smoothies, Frederick’s has something to tantalise every palate. With a variety of options to choose from, Frederick’s aims to deliver a memorable experience that satisfies every craving.

Find Fredericks in A Shed Stall 23-26.

Bellboy Coffee Bar

Start the day off right with a roasted coffee from Bellboy Coffee Bar. You can also enjoy their signature Prawn & Crab Roll and Chia Pudding made fresh from their Brunswick East store.

Find Bellboy Coffee Bar in the Queen’s Food Hall Shop Kiosk.

Saltwater Sushi and Oyster Bar

Explore their fresh sushi, sushimi and crustacean delights, as well as their infused fried menu showcasing a fusion of flavours in expertly crafted tempura, karaage, and more.

Find Saltwater Sushi and Oyster Bar at 79 Queen’s Food Hall.

Kiana Mei Designs 

Kiana Mei specialises in the enchanting world of origami artwork and Japanese-inspired products. Her creations blend the meticulous art of origami with a modern aesthetic, offering a unique range of paper-folded masterpieces.

Please refer to the Information Hub for exact location details (corner of Queen Street and F Shed).

Original Chai Co

Original Chai co guarantees you a passport to India with their arrival back into QVM. They brew the freshest Masala chai on the spot with NO power or machines. Transport back to each region of India with each sip of chai and each bite of their delicious kebab buns or a variety of other delicacies.

Find Orginal Chai Co on Victoria Street Shop 87-89.

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