3 Indoor Plants You Can Actually Keep Alive!

3 Indoor Plants You Can Actually Keep Alive!

Want to add greenery to your home or office worried you’ll have no luck in the maintenance area? Or perhaps you already have a track record for destroying anything green. We get it. Which is why we’ve done our research to find the three most beautiful indoor plants that require little care. Now all you need to do is decide which one.

This super popular indoor plant comes in a range of sizes to choose from. The best part is they’re great for indoors and don’t require a heap of maintenance – in fact all you really need to do is water them once a week and make sure they’re not in the direct sunlight. How can you go wrong with that?

Peace Lily
The peach lily is simply stunning and while it requires a little more maintenance that the philodendron, it’s not too complicated at all. A tropical plant, it requires a little bit of warmth to keep it ticking – nowhere below 16 degrees. The only time you need to water this one is when the soil feels dry – other than that, just make sure it lives in a well-lit area but not in direct sunlight.

Aloe Vera
Yep, the plant that has been helping us deal with sunburn for years, is actually pretty low in maintenance. All you need to do is give it a good ol’ soaking once a fortnight and add some fertiliser to the soil every month or so. The aloe vera makes a gorgeous desk plan too.

And there you go! Our Market traders can help you out with choosing a plant that best suits your environment and maintenance needs. Check out our florists, gardens and nurseries here.

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