5 easy tips to minimise waste when shopping at QVM

5 easy tips to minimise waste when shopping at QVM

Shopping at the Market doesn’t have to impact the environment. Here are 5 easy tips to help minimise waste when picking up your produce and specialty items. Grab a cardboard box from String Bean Alley, hire a shopping trolley or join one of our veggie workshops – there are so many options to choose from.

Bring your own bag, basket or shopping trolley when you visit the Market. You can even hire a trolley from Market Espresso on Queen Street.

Pick up a box
The Market has recently introduced new Pick-A-Box locations so you can pick up a cardboard box and take your Market produce home. Just look for the bright green sign on Queen Street and I Shed.

Refillable Detergent at the Soap Box
The Soap Box makes it easier than ever to minimise waste with a range of refillable liquid soaps available. Just BYO container (or purchase one of theirs), pick your detergent and fill it up. Then, when you’re done, bring it back and do it all over again!

Reusable wine bottles at ReWine
ReWine places a strong focus on sustainability, encouraging customers to refill their returned bottles of wine at a discount. How’s that for an incentive on top of being good for the environment?

Veggie scraps workshops
Want to learn even more about making the most of your veggie scraps? Join duo Chilli and Aubi on the first Friday of each month as they cruise the fresh produce sheds of the Market offering delicious tips on how to reuse your scraps, helping you minimise waste, save money and help the environment.

Reusable products at QVM
There are so many ways you can shop without plastic. Check out our visitor hub at the bottom of String Bean Alley to view our range of products available for purchase, including reusable market bags, reusable straws and specially designed Queen Vic reusable coffee cups.

Read more about how you can minimise waste at the Market here.

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