5 Tips for Reducing Your Food Waste

5 Tips for Reducing Your Food Waste

Want to reduce your food waste in 2019, but not sure where to start? Here are 5 simple tips to help get you going. Not only will you see a huge difference in the amount of food you’re saving, but your bank balance will thank you too.

Take note of what you’re throwing away
The first step to reducing your food waste is to find out how much you’re throwing away each week. Every time you throw something out, make a note of it. Ask your family/housemates to do the same. When you get to the end of the week, share your notes. You’ll soon be able to tell whether or not you need to make some big changes or some small tweaks.

Plan your meals ahead of time
Gone to the Market and completely forgot what you’re meant to be shopping for? This is when we’re most likely to over shop (or forget key ingredients completely). Spend some time planning your weekly meals and work out exactly what ingredients you need and stick to them. If a recipe calls for 1 carrot, buy 1 carrot instead of a whole bag of carrots, which are likely to be wasted.

Embrace leftovers
Made a massive chicken roast and now left with a stack of leftovers? Instead of throwing them out or spending the next 3 days eating the same thing, re-purpose the ingredients into something different. How about a chicken salad, soup or chicken sandwich? You’re less likely to get sick of your leftovers if you try to use them in different meals.

Learn how to store food properly
If you store food correctly it can add days, even weeks to the life of your food. In fact, not all fruit and veg should be stored in the fridge. Tomatoes, potatoes and cucumbers should always be stored in the pantry to preserve not only their life, but their taste too. And always make sure your dry goods are stored in sealed containers to avoid moisture getting in.

Organise your fridge
One of the easiest ways to waste food is to forget what you already have and replace it. Pay attention to what’s in your fridge and pantry and be sure to check it before you head out to get your weekly ingredients. If something is approaching its use-by date, make sure it’s visible so it remains front of mind. Small tweaks like this can make a world of difference over a long period of time.




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