Getting to know Annie from Annie’s Creation and Collection

Getting to know Annie from Annie’s Creation and Collection

This month we talk to our resident fashion designer Annie from Annie’s Creation and Collections who talks us through the process of running her own art and fashion label and her experience at New York Fashion Week.

When did you start Annie’s Creations? Can you talk me through that process?
Annie’s Creation and Collection (ACC) was initiated in 2014 and was inspired by my love for animals, which remain the core element of all designs for ACC.

How does Annie’s Creations stand out?
The original illustrations are all hand painted. We carefully select the range of products to be produced each year based on the artworks we create. Every year we create 2-3 new artworks or patterns, depending on customer feedback. Recently we created our very own environmentally-friendly canvas tote bag, which has become one of our best sellers.

You have many years of experience, what have you learnt along the way?
We do open our mind and ear to our customers. We believe art is created to lighten up people’s lives and bring joy and happiness. As customisation is the trend of art and fashion, we aim to create products that are more suitable for one’s personal needs.

What can shoppers expect from Annie’s Creations this summer?
We just launched a new range of handmade earrings based on our artwork. They are all unique and there’s something to suit everyone.

What have been some of your biggest challenges?
The biggest challenge is how best to present our patterns on different materials so they reflect the beauty of the artwork.

What has been one of your biggest achievements?
We were invited to New York Fashion Week in February 2018 to show our range of collections alongside Oxford Fashion Studio. It was an absolutely fantastic experience. We met a lot of people in the industry and exchanged our ideals of design. We participated in every stage of preparation for the show, right up until the final runway and received a lot of positive feedback from the audience – and some great suggestions too. It was a great experience.

Can you tell me about the materials you source; what they are and where they come from and why?
We source materials from local and overseas suppliers and work mainly with cotton, leather, canvas and linen. For protection of the environment, we don’t use plastic.

What’s your favourite piece for summer?
For summertime, the T-shirts and tote bags are definitely the recommended pieces.

Read more about Annie’s Creation and Collections here.


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