Earth Day: Planet vs. Plastics

Earth Day: Planet vs. Plastics

What is Earth Day? 

Come together with us to pay tribute to our remarkable planet this Earth Day. Earth Day serves as a poignant reminder of the crucial need for environmental preservation and sustainability. Let’s unite and take action, fostering a healthier planet and paving the way for a brighter future. 

On Earth Day (22nd April 2024), EARTHDAY.ORG stands firm in their dedication to eliminating plastics for the betterment of both human and planetary well-being. They advocate for a 60% reduction in the production of ALL plastics by 2040, striving towards a cleaner and more sustainable future. 

Reducing our environmental impact  

Queen Victoria Market has implemented several initiatives to reduce plastic usage and promote sustainability. These efforts include encouraging shoppers to bring their own reusable bags through discount incentives, banning single-use plastics such as straws and cutlery within its premises 

Queen Victoria Market has been proudly plastic bag and straw free since May 2019. We’re committed to sustainability and continually improving our environmental impact, and going plastic bag and straw free is a major step in reducing the amount of plastic at the Market. 

Additionally, we conduct educational campaigns to raise awareness about the environmental impact of plastic pollution and the importance of adopting sustainable practices. Efficient waste management systems, including recycling facilities, are also in place to properly handle plastic waste generated within the Market. And with construction of the Trader Shed underway as part of the QVM Renewal Program, we are set to deliver new state-of-the-art, contemporary waste and recycling facilities for traders.  

Through these measures, we are actively contributing to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly market environment. 

Coffee plays a big part in the amount of waste we produce, with millions of takeaway coffee cups ending up in landfill each year. Simply Cups is Australia’s first coffee cup recycling program, allowing businesses like Queen Victoria Market to close the loop on coffee cup waste. Used cups are turned into many different everyday products, including outdoor furniture! 

Simply Cups recycling stations can be found in the following locations at the Market: 

  • String Bean Alley centreway 
  • Outside the Meat & Fish Hall on Queen Street 
  • Outside the Dairy Produce Hall entrance on Therry Street 
  • Outside the Queen Street toilet block. 

To help reduce our waste, you can purchase a reusable coffee cup at Queen Victoria Market’s information hub, Market Espresso and McIver’s Coffee & Tea. Several cafes around the Market also offer discounts when you bring your reusable coffee cup. At Market Lane Coffee, enjoy 20 cents off your coffee or purchase a $6 reusable coffee cup which you can borrow and receive a refund when you return it. Market Espresso also offers 10 cents off your coffee order for customers that bring a reusable cup.  

Traders around the Market 

The Purpose Precinct is a social enterprise marketplace focused on Victorian products with purpose that create social, environmental and cultural goods. They are committed to selling products that do good for our planet, by saving waste or contributing to a circular economy. Their environmentally friendly collection is a testament to eco-conscious living.  

Shop a range of planet-focused products at Green Collect that help reduce our ecological footprint and contribute to a more sustainable world. Like their range of reusable lunch bags, cups and sunscreen rollers and provide employment for people facing barriers to employment.  

When shopping at the Market, there are plenty of ways to reduce plastic. Both Nut Trek and Corner Larder encourage customers to bring their own bags, packaging, and glass containers and they will fill it to the best of their ability. The Corner Larder also offers to wrap your small goods in paper.  

Sustainability is important to Vic Market Soapbox. Boyce believes that no matter how small your contributions are, it all helps in the long run. Shop their range of all refillable shampoos and conditioners, bulk bath salts, household cleaning products and more.  

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