Getting to know Manan from Journally

Getting to know Manan from Journally

This month we chat with Manan from Journally. She tells us why she loves journal writing so much, how Journally began and why she chose to make journals from bamboo.

Can you tell us a bit about Journally and how it started?
Journally is a Melbourne-based business, providing high quality personalised journals. We uniquely laser cut/engrave bamboo to make covers for your journal and notebook. One day I saw a bamboo journal, which was gifted to a friend of mine by one of her very dear friends. I was instantly drawn to the front cover which was engraved with Messi’s illustration. I was so intrigued with the idea of owning one that it became the motivation I needed to start a business. I wanted to make journals that were so unique and loveable that anybody who liked to write or draw just couldn’t resist the feeling of having one.

Where do you draw your inspiration from?
Uniqueness is my biggest inspiration. Anything that might inspire me or my customers to write or draw more, I try to incorporate in my journals.

Did you always keep a journal?
I used to keep one when I was in school, and then the digital revolution happened. Like everybody else, I shifted to phones and laptops. A couple of years back I realised what I had lost, and thankfully, I’m back to basics again. Now I have so many journals for so many different things.

What is it about journal writing that you love the most?
The clarity of thoughts and satisfaction you get after writing. Journal writing allows me to take charge of my feelings and help me stay focused on my goals.

Why bamboo?
Bamboo represents uniqueness, versatility and sustainability. These are the core values of Journally. I love that bamboo can replace the use of wood for nearly every application; paper, flooring, furniture, charcoal, building materials. Bamboo is also the fastest growing plant on the planet and can grow three feet in height in 24 hours under the right conditions. Unlike other woody plants, bamboo reaches maturity after only three to five years.

What are some of the standout features of your journals?

  • Our journal fillings are 120gsm paper stock. Such quality and thickness in paper is hard to find.
  • They can be personalised with your name on the front cover and you have two fonts to choose from.
  • The designs are available in two major categories:
    • Minimalist > which are engraved
    • Original > which are laser cut into beautiful illustrations.

Who does Journally appeal to?
Those who need to organise their thoughts and gain some extra confidence and clarity in refining their goals. It could be a student planning to start a new course; a corporate employee planning for an upcoming project; an entrepreneur planning for miniature and major goals, or simply anyone wanting to write their heart out.

All your journals are handmade in Melbourne – why was this so important?
I strongly believe that every little detail matters. I wanted to take extra care to ensure the best quality to pair with chosen designs. This is only possible if I’m monitoring my production at every stage, from selecting the raw materials to the process of making it.

How have you had to adapt Journally to become more online-friendly during the pandemic?
I started my journey at Queen Victoria Market, so I was mostly involved in making the products and selling physically in the Market and therefore never really had much time to work on building my website. Since the pandemic started, all I have is time! So I’ve used this time to develop my online platform for Journally – it’s lucky I have a master’s degree in I.T!

What are some of your most popular journals?
Based on customer feedback, our most popular journals are the tree of life journal, dress journal and wolf journal.

Anything you wish to add?
We write to live life twice; in the moment and in retrospect.

Check out the full range of journals available at Journally’s online store here.

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