Host your very own old-school fondue party

Host your very own old-school fondue party

Fondue parties were extremely popular in the sixties and seventies, and now they’re making a comeback! After all, who doesn’t like to socialise over a bubbling pot of cheese? Exactly. So, now that winter is in full effect, it’s time to dust off the fondue set and host your very own old-school fondue party.

The equipment
If you have a fondue set ready to go, great! However, you can get by with a heavy-bottomed saucepan. Our tip is to use a double boiler, so the cheese is heated with boiling water rather than a direct flame. An electric burner will still need to be used for the table to keep the cheese warm – you don’t want to be standing over the stove all night. Also, make sure that each person has their own fondue forks or set of skewers to use for dipping.

The recipe and accompaniments
There are so many delicious recipes for fondue, and they can really be as simple as merging a couple of cheeses together with a dash of white wine. We like this Classic Cheese recipe, which appeared on SBS Food. It serves 4 people and is deliciously creamy.

Choosing accompaniments for your fondue is the fun part. Slicing up crusty baguettes and cooked slices of potato are the obvious choices, but everything from cornichons to apples and even bacon work really well too. Be as imaginative as you like! We also recommend preparing a charcuterie board packed with olives, pickles and other nibbles on hand for people to add to their fondue plate.

The decorating
Given the perfect fondue party requires your party to sit around a table to dip your forks into a bubbling pot of cheese, it can get messy! Make sure you lay down a tablecloth or table protector if you’re concerned. Set the scene with a warm fire place (optional) and some background music from the sixties, seventies or even the Swiss Alps!

The accompaniments
Wine is the obvious choice but beer and cider can also pair beautifully with cheese fondue. If you’re unsure what wine, beer or cider will complement your recipe best, chat to your deli or wine store and they’ll be able to advise you based on your cheese selection.

Now all you need to do is get those invites out!

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