How to Enjoy Oysters This Winter

How to Enjoy Oysters This Winter

You probably associate oysters with summer, but contrary to popular belief Pacific oysters are actually at their prime during the winter months and, according to our traders, this is the best time to eat them! So, swap the champagne for mulled wine and read on to discover how you can enjoy oysters this winter.

Oven cooked
Simple but tasty oysters are a breeze when cooked in your oven. Just turn the oven up to its highest temperature, place some rock salt on the bottom of a frying pan and pre-heat in the oven for around 20 minutes. Pop the closed oysters on top and cook for a further 10 minutes until cooked. Meanwhile fry up some spring onion in a pan and add 150–200g of butter, cooking over medium heat until butter turns a golden brown. Insert a knife into the oyster shell to wedge it open, discard the top shells and drizzle your sauce over your cooked oysters. Delish.

Poach them
One delicious way to make the most of oysters during the winter months is to poach them in their own juices for about 45 seconds. Keep count, as you don’t want the liquid to boil. Then, when they’re done all you need is a splash of red wine vinegar and some finely sliced spring onion, a little slice of chilli and you’re all set. Tip: when choosing oysters for this dish, don’t pick anything too small, you want a larger sized (but not huge) oyster for this dish.

Barbecued oysters
Have you ever had oysters on the barbie? You’ll wonder why you didn’t try it sooner after you taste this! Place your oysters cup side down on your barbecue’s grill, then put the cover down. It’ll only take approximately 5 minutes for smaller oysters to cook. They should open slightly (but not all the way) when they’re done. Use some tongs to set them aside. Now for the sauce – for something a little different, use a dollop of pesto – or in keeping with the barbecue theme, add some barbecue sauce. Serve while still warm.

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