I shopped Queen Vic Market Online for the first time – here’s how it went.

I shopped Queen Vic Market Online for the first time – here’s how it went.

There is something so calming and cathartic about wandering the halls and aisles of the Queen Vic Market. The warm lighting, the exchange of conversation, and importantly, the great selection of local, high-quality ingredients and food.

I’m Hannah, a 21-year-old university student and I love to take time out of my week to shop at the Market. I love supporting local businesses and buying directly from sellers. Unfortunately I cannot always make it to the Market, so recently I tried Queen Victoria Market Online after seeing lots of recommendations – here’s how it went.

The range and prices

I was pleasantly surprised about how much was available to purchase from Queen Vic Market Online and how budget-friendly everything was.

I perused the endless pages of specialty nuts, delicatessen items, boreks, fresh produce, meat and seafood; feeling as though I was genuinely at the Market. I was excited to see the Market prices had carried over to Queen Vic Market Online as well. I ended up purchasing 13 items for around $60.

The check-out process

The checkout process couldn’t have been easier. A few clicks and I soon had everything I wanted in my cart. After much deliberation about whether I needed the Tiramisu Éclair from Andrew’s Bread Shop, in less than a minute – my order was complete. A confirmation email landed in my inbox, making me more and more excited for collection day.

Collection day

Out of the two options for order collection, home delivery or click and collect, I opted for click and collect, partially because I was looking for any excuse to escape the relentless nature of online learning, but mostly because I love the Market. On collection day I drove to the Market car park and followed the signs to my order collection. I was greeted by a Queen Vic Market Online employee, and in no less than a minute I was on my way, big box in hand, the smell of fresh basil greeting me.

The order

I noticed the appearance of my order first. Aside from the colour and vibrancy, each piece of my fruit had been so thoughtfully packed. To my delight my cold meats, olives and dips were separately packaged, my Borek and jam doughnuts – separate again, but no less significant. And finally, my French Baguette; golden, freshly baked and in one piece.

Needless to say, I will be ordering from Queen Vic Market Online again. I found the process easy to navigate and enjoyable. It satisfied the craving I had for the Market and its delicious, fresh, low-price ingredients.

Happy shopping to everyone who is lucky enough to fall within one of the 220 suburbs Queen Vic Market Online delivers to – I’m excited and eager for you to experience the same thing I did.

A special thank you to the Queen Vic Market Online team and the all-important traders. I’m looking forward to placing my next order.

Explore over 3,000 products from close to 50 Market traders. The best part? Order before 10am on a Market day for same day delivery or click & collect. Click here to start shopping! 

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