Meet David from Catcher Coats

Meet David from Catcher Coats

Puffa jackets made from goose down and three-quarter coats are exactly what you need to beat the chill this winter, says David Kiper, the owner of Catcher Coats at Queen Vic Market. He and wife Sally would know too. They’ve been in the business for 45 years, selling coats to locals and tourists alike.

Catcher Coats is a third-generation family business that opened its doors for the first time more than 50 years ago. David and Sally take pride sourcing materials from Italy and manufacturing them here in Australia. A common process for manufacturing in the early days, but unheard of in 2018. In fact,  David believes ­Catcher Coats is the last remaining coat manufacturing business in Australia.

Catcher Coats

“It’s extremely difficult now, as the skill factor is no longer here. We get together with old Italian tailors, who are remnants of the good old days,” says David.

Their wool and cashmere is imported directly from Prato in Italy, which is  located in the Tuscan region. Prato has a reputation for being one of Italy’s more popular textile districts. Just feel one of the coats and you’ll know you’re getting a premium product.

David and Sally’s  passion and commitment to the business is undeniable. You only have to look at their long list of customers – half of which, are return customers David informs us. “Some of our customers have been returning to us for 30 years. We have now met and dressed their partners, children and grandchildren,” he says. “We love chatting to our customers and exchanging stories and feel as though as our family has grown, so too has theirs.”

All Catcher Coats are Australian made, handcrafted and designed to last for years. They cater for women, men and children and offer a range of styles, colours and sizes to suit everyone.

You can find them on the corner of Victoria St and Elizabeth St (J-Shed), but if you want to take a peek at the range beforehand, check out their online store here.

Catcher Coats

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