Four of spring’s most popular flowers and their meanings

Four of spring’s most popular flowers and their meanings

Spring is finally here, which means beautiful blooms are popping up all over the Market and many of our favourites are taking centre stage. We all know that red roses symbolise love, but what do tulips or daffodils reflect? Read on for four of spring’s most popular flowers and their meanings.

So it turns out red roses aren’t the only flower with a romantic meaning; red tulips are also associated with love and romance. Originally bred in Turkey, the tulip was considered a symbol of paradise on earth, making it a part of many religious poems and art pieces. Yellow tulips originally represented unrequited love, but are now looked upon as bringing sunshine and cheerful thoughts. Purple is tied to royalty and pink is the choice for affection – great for friends and family.

The purple iris has traditionally been tied to royalty, but also represents wisdom, respect and compliments. In the middle ages, France used irises to convey power. Interestingly, it was the iris that inspired the national French symbol: fleur-de-lis. The iris is a great choice for someone who has recently graduated or for a colleague’s birthday. Blue irises symbolise hope and faith, while white is said to express purity and innocence.

One of the most cheery spring flowers; the daffodil is all about new beginnings. It’s also closely linked to Cancer Council’s daffodil day because of its link to hope. We recommend this bright beauty for anyone who has recently had a baby, started a new job or purchased a new home. The daffodil is also the go-to bloom if you’re seeking forgiveness, so take note if you need to get into your other half’s good books.

One of the most stunning flowers, the freesia is known for its delicate fragrance. White freesias are often a popular choice for weddings because they are symbolic of the trust between the couple and in earlier times, the bride’s purity. Multi-coloured freesias represent friendship and thoughtfulness, while the yellow stands for joy and renewal.

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