Tips for pairing your Holey Cheese purchases with the right wine, beer or cider.

Tips for pairing your Holey Cheese purchases with the right wine, beer or cider.

Planning on filling your Market bags up with cheese during our Holey Cheese festival? Here’s a quick guide to pairing some of that cheese with your favourite beverages to create the ultimate cheese pairing every time.

Hard Cheese
You’re in luck if you like harder cheeses – they’re actually the easiest type of cheese pairing. A cheddar or Manchego pairs well with a medium-bodied red like a Cab Sav or a Spanish Rioja. If you’re more of a beer drinker, try a classic pale lager – you really can’t go wrong here.

Soft Cheese
Probably one of the most popular soft cheeses is Brie. This deliciously creamy style needs a wine that will complement its distinct flavours while not being too overpowering. A fruity Pinot Noir or a sparkling dry cider is our pick –let the Brie do the talking.

Goat Cheese
Because of the acidic, tangy flavour of goat cheese, bright wines are our go-to. One of our favourite cheese pairings is goat cheese and a dry-style rosé – the perfect choice for a summer’s picnic or a barbecue with friends during the warmer months.

Blue Cheese
Avoid anything with high tannins when pairing wine with blue cheese. Instead, opt for a simple, fruity red wine or if you prefer a white, try a Riesling or a Gewürztraminer. Stilton lovers will love their fave blue paired with a Port, but you can also give Stout a run with a drier, less salty blue cheese.

Washed Rind
This moist – and often stinky variety – is known for its crusty red or orange rind. It’s very earthy, but can also be quite sweet and nutty too. Pair your favourite washed rind cheese with floral or fruity wines like a Riesling or Belgian ale.


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