Jumbo Ugg Boots

Jumbo Ugg Boots

Our high quality sheepskin footwear is suitable for use in all weathers providing excellent insulation against the cold but also absorbing excessive moisture whilst letting your feet breathe. The natural fleece on the inside of the boots moulds to the unique shape of your foot, once you put them on you will feel like you are walking on a cloud.

Binder Enterprise is a family business manufacturing ugg boots here in our home town Melbourne, Australia since 1980’s. Manufacture high quality sheepskin footwear made from first grade double faced Australian Sheepskin.

Binder Enterprise is comprised of two brands Jumbo Ugg Boots®” and “Koalabi Australia®”.

Jumbo Ugg Boots® Is available exclusively in Australia and is 100% Australian made. Koalabi Australia® is the premium fashion label for mens womens and childrens sheepskin boots.

As a company we are committed to continuous innovation and developing new styles and colours. We want to make sure that our customers not only have products that are the highest quality, but also of a variety of on-trend styles and colours.


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