LJ Fashion Wear

  • Tuesday: E Shed Stall 93-94
    Thursday: E Shed Stall 94-96
    Friday: E Shed Stall 35-36
    Saturday: E Shed Stall 37-38
    Sunday: E Shed Stall 79-80
  • 0402 268 818
  • jack-ljfashion@hotmail.com

LJ Fashion Wear specialises in men’s modern and casual fashion clothing. our latest range include printed hoodie tops, henley cotton t-shirts & new colour s/s polos, casual cargo shorts for all different age groups.

For the traditional, mature male, we cater long and short sleeve fashion casual shirts to match with stretch jeans, cargo pants, casual pants and new season shorts to fit different shape and sizes. we also have good quality fashion and semi casual jackets for people going away to a cold climate country. We are located in E SHED and trade 5 days a week.

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