Rare Organics

At Rare Organics our sole purpose is to source wholefoods and health foods to make available not your usual organic grocery items. We specialise in sourcing the highest quality organic products that are purely based on organic and biodynamic farming methods, purity, food safety, freshness, locations, health benefits, quality and taste.

The majority of products that we have made available in our store are widely sourced direct from farmers and producers, to be assured of their freshness and purity while supporting local and sustainable producers.

We are a family run business that supports local growers and producers and our product range is forever evolving so feel free to drop in and we also specialise in bulk orders.


Some products sourced directly are:

HNZ Manuka Honey;

Australian Manuka Honey;

Organic Raw Local Honey;

Honeycomb & Proplis;

Australian Certified Organic Chia Seeds;

Organic & Chemical Free Nuts;

Organic & Chemical Free Herbs, Spices and Salts;

Randall Organic Rice;

Salute Oliva Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil;

Demeter Farm Organic Flours and Oats;

Organic Raw Honey & Honeycomb;

Kai Ho Tasmanian Wakame and Kombu;

Byron Bay Muesli;

& Our very own Chemical Free and Paleo friendly Arrowroot Glass Noodles.


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