With this ban coming into effect in May, many of our Traders have already phased out bags and straws and are Market leaders for sustainability, showing us all how it can be done and why it is imperative to do so.

The Traders who we refer to as ‘Early Adopters’ are as follows:

Land of Soy and Honey 

Nautical Replicas

Pussycat Black 

Books for Cooks 

Wendy Voon Knits

Zo Damage 

Re Wine 

Pickett’s Deli & Rotisserie 

The Epicurean 

Sardes Quality Meats

Hagen’s Organic Meat

Corby Meats

Vic Meat Supply

Garden Organics

Swords Wine

McIver’s Coffee & Tea Merchants

Nut Trek

Tribal Tastes

Koko Black

Market Lane Coffee

Big Vic Deli

Coffea Coffee

Spice Girls

Queen Vic Juice

T.H Butcher

Food for your Skin

Tin Tin


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