With this ban coming into effect in May, many of our Traders have already phased out bags and straws and are Market leaders for sustainability, showing us all how it can be done and why it is imperative to do so.

Sally and Terry from the Vic Meat Supply located in the Meat & Fish Hall.

Why is Sustainability important to you?

It’s hard for it not to be important, with our impacts on the environment becoming more and more prevalent we want to do all we can to make sure our beautiful surroundings are still here for years to come. The amount of food and packaging waste every person goes through is crazy so even if we all just cut back a little bit it is one step closer to a more sustainable lifestyle. – Vic Meat Supply

What are you guys doing to help improve sustainability within your shop?

From January 1 2019 we introduced no single use plastic bags and advocate that to all of our customers. We also request from our suppliers that any products and supplies come in reusable or recyclable materials wherever possible. – Vic Meat Supply

Marshall from ReWine – Located in A Shed.

What alternatives do you offer customers instead of single use bags?

We issue hessian bags for every six bottles sold and we have also have paper bags for smaller sales. We refill approximately 20,000 bottles of wine per year, which limits the amount of glass wasted or sent to be recycled. – ReWine

Lisa from Coffea Coffee located along Elizabeth Street.

How have your customers reacted to the Ban?

Our regular market shoppers already bring their own bags or use trolleys, they are all very happy to see the reduction of plastic around the Market and the switch to more environmentally friendly practices. – Coffea Coffee

What alternatives do you give customers instead of single use bags?

We offer paper bags for customers who purchase larger items and we have paper straws for drinks. – Coffea Coffee

How long have you had the ban in place for your customers already?

We phased out single use plastics in September 2018. – Coffea Coffee

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