Best Vegan Finds at Queen Vic Market

We’ve compiled a helpful list of some of our favourite vegan products, from cheese to chocolate, sausages and pate. Uncover a delicious selection of products on offer throughout our Dairy Produce Hall and fresh produce sheds.

M & G Caiafa

Nut Butter
Made in-house, M & G Caiafa’s nut butter range comes in six flavours: Peanut, macadamia, cashew, pistachio, hazelnut and almond. They’re super fresh and the perfect consistency. Our favourite is definitely the macadamia.

Monsieur Truffe Chocolate
Made just up the road in the people’s republic of Brunswick, Monsieur Truffe organic artisan chocolate is quite possibly the best chocolate in the world.  All their dark chocolate bars are vegan as is their heavenly dark chocolate gianduja. Highly recommended bars: Tasman Sea Salt (66% dark chocolate), Hazelnut & Caramel (70% dark chocolate) and Peru Single Origin (80% dark chocolate).

The Epicurean

Fifya Eggplant Pate and Pumpkin & Carrot Pate
More substantial than a dip with a delightfully smooth texture, Fifya’s vegan pates come in two flavours: Eggplant or Pumpkin & Carrot. Spread on a crusty baguette and share with a friend. So simple and so tasty!

Yay Marinated Feta with Rosemary & Garlic
Deliciously creamy and nut-free, Yay Marinated Feta has the characteristic tang and texture of a traditional feta complemented by the earthy flavours of rosemary and garlic. Perfect in a salad, on toast or straight up – this is a vegan winner.

All the Things Vegan Truffle Cashew Brie
Made from cashew milk and aged to produce a wonderful creamy-textured artisan brie, this is already a vegan delight. Add truffles and it’s heavenly. (Also available at Bill’s Farm).

Bill’s Farm 

The Vegan Dairy Ash Chevre 
A sensationally light and tangy goats-cheese-style soft cheese dusted with vine ash so it not only tastes good but it looks impressive too.

Delectio Blue
Finally, a vegan blue cheese! The talented team at Delectio traditionally ferment and age this cashew-based cheese for up to five weeks, resulting in a rich aroma and intense flavour.

Fine Cultures Caramelised Onion Camembert 
This delicious cashew and soy yoghurt-based camembert has a sweet and savoury taste with caramelised onions throughout and topped with a sweet balsamic glaze.

The Vegan Dairy Dutch Chocolate Crème 
A silky, luscious chocolate cream from the wonderful people at The Vegan Dairy, the Dutch Chocolate Creme will leave you wanting more. We suggest you eat it straight from the jar!

Tribal Tastes

Tribal Tastes’ owner and chef Kunle Adesua shares the rich, diverse culinary culture of West Africa through his delicious range of unique foods. The vegan range is impressive with soups, sauces and tasty heat-and-serve bean dishes. There are too many to list here, but this is our absolute favourite:

Black Eye Beans in African Sauce 
Substantial, delicious and warming, Kunle’s Black Eye Beans in African Sauces is a blend of succulent black eye beans with a traditional West African spicy sauce. Serve as a dip, in a toastie or with steamed rice.

Ferguson Plarre

Plant-based Tiddly Oggies (aka pasties) 
The forward-thinking folk at Ferguson Plarre have made sure vegans don’t miss out on the winter fun. Their Tiddly Oggy pastry is rich and flaky and the filling is fresh and full of veggie goodness too. The mini tiddly oggies are a great take-home snack and great for feeding the little ones.

Pavilion Select Produce

Mt Zero French-style Green Lentils 
Not all lentils are the same! These lovely green lentils are a variety originating from Puy in France and grown just down the road in the Wimmera. They have a delightful nutty taste and hold their shape well when cooked. Delicious in salads and soups.

The Land of Soy & Honey

Larder Fresh Vegan Snags 
Vegan sausages have had a bad rap in the past, but these sausages will well and truly put an end to that. Larder Fresh Vegan Snags have a great sausage texture and outstanding flavour. Chuck them on the barbie and you might even have to fight off the meat-lovers!

Market Organics

Kehoe’s Beetroot Cashew Cheese 
Nutritious and delicious, Kehoe’s Beetroot Cashew Cheese is made from traditionally fermented cashew milk and blended with beetroot and cumin. Not only is it tasty, it looks spectacular on a platter and is choc full of health-giving probiotics.

Garden Organics

Banjo Vegan Carob Bear
Much yummier and healthier than a Bertie Beatle and just as cute, Banjo have stepped up their carob bear range to include a vegan bear. This will put a smile on the face of all little Market shoppers.

NOM Nut Bliss
Can’t decide which non-dairy milk to buy? Pureharvest has solved that problem with NOM Nut Bliss, a deluxe creamy nut milk made from a base of organic oatmeal paired with a blend of almonds, hazelnuts and cashews.

Can’t make it to the Market?

Can’t make it to the Market for your weekly shop? Shop with us through Queen Victoria Market Online and enjoy lots of vegan and plant-based specialties including vegan cheese, sauces, plant-bases snags and burgers and lots more including a great selection of delicious fresh produce. Simply order by 10am on a market day for same day click and collect or delivery.

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