How to Enjoy Quinces this Season

How to Enjoy Quinces this Season

Wondering what to do with quinces this year? Not the tastiest fruit to bite into, quinces are best enjoyed when cooked as the flesh becomes sweet and tasty. Perfect for poaching, baking and turning into paste – read on to discover how you can get the most out of delicious quinces this winter.

Add a paste to a cheese platter
Have you ever tried blue cheese with a thin slice of quince paste? This could be one of the most delicious pairings of all times. It’s gotta be something to do with the sweet and salty combo. Whatever it is, it’s absolutely perfect on a cheese board if you’re entertaining or just enjoying an afternoon snack for one. Check out this recipe for how to make your own paste  or visit one of our many deli traders to pick some up.

Poach for brekkie
Poached quince can be a great addition to muesli in the mornings, but it’s probably best to make the night before due to the lengthy cooking time required. Planning on giving the DIY a go? All you need to do is add  ¾ cup of sugar, 4 cups of water, a vanilla bean or a couple of drops of vanilla essence, half a lemon and some cloves, to a saucepan. Wait till it starts to boil, then peel, quarter and core the quince before adding to the saucepan. Cook covered for about an hour and a half. Then add to your muesli as desired.

Bake for dessert
Baking quinces and enjoying them with ice cream is a healthier dessert alternative in winter. Chop your quince into quarters, peel away some of the tough areas. Pop them in a baking dish, add honey or a citrus juice made up of orange, lemon and lime – or use both. Then, cover, bake and serve!






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