Getting to know the team from Aussie Kitchen Gadgets

Getting to know the team from Aussie Kitchen Gadgets

This month we chat with Alwyn from Aussie Kitchen Gadgets. He tells us about how it all started, his most popular gadgets, ­­and how parents are using his peelers to encourage their kids to eat more veggies!

Can you tell me about Aussie Kitchen Gadgets?
I’m passionate about our kitchen gadgets because such a small, simple addition to the kitchen can turn amateur home cooks into chefs for their friends and family. Our blue peeler can shred cabbage for a beautiful fine coleslaw or turn sweet potato into paper thin crisps. Our slicer set has been making the best potato bakes for decades.

When and why did you start Aussie Kitchen Gadgets?
Raphael and I worked as chefs at The Prince Alfred Hotel in Richmond. One day he bought a black peeler and a shredder; I was blown away by how they worked and the quality of the blades. Long story short, we started demonstrating these in shopping centres and shows around Victoria, before partnering up with Jed and Tony, our local manufactures. We became exclusive distributors shortly after.

The Queen Victoria Market became our hub and headquarters for kitchen gadgets in 2014. I started in C Shed by the fruit and veg stalls. At the time I lived in a share house in Braybrook and my bedroom was full of boxes of stock. We’ve since expanded Kitchen Gadgets to Canada, The UK, Germany and New Zealand, but the Queen Vic has always been the foundation.

What’s your favourite kitchen gadget?
My personal favourite is the blue peeler because it slices blocks of cheese perfectly. I also love using it to make vegetable crisps with potato, sweet potato and parsnips. I just got an Air Fryer which I will be playing with this week – videos will be on our socials very soon!

How do your gadgets differ from competitors?
We manufacture locally in Victoria; our blades are warranted for 10 years so they do not go blunt. We really let our peeler and slicers do the talking – you’ve got to try one to know what I’m talking about – or just ask one of our customers on Facebook.

Why are Australian-made products so important to you?
The strengths of manufacturing locally meant we were able to start small to get to where we are right now. The quality of our products has always been consistent, as well as our pride for what we do. Local manufacturing is still very much alive. We’ve been manufacturing cleaning products through this pandemic and supporting local businesses. I can’t talk enough about how fulfilling that is.

What is your most popular kitchen gadget?
Our Red Julienne Peeler is the most popular product in our range at the moment.  Zucchini noodles took off a few years ago as a healthy/low carb alternative to spaghetti. I personally like to use it for zucchini, carrots, sweet potato and pumpkin noodles along with regular spaghetti. Parents tell us they use it as a hack to get kids eating their vegetables.

Do you like to cook yourself? What’s your favourite dish?
I love to cook and entertain – that is why this all started in the first place.  I can never pick a favourite but a grass-fed porterhouse with a Canadian maple butter sauce, cheesy asparagus and zucchini crisps on a Monday is always delicious.

Why did you choose Queen Vic Market?
The Queen Vic Market was a recommendation from a friend who helped me with filling in the application, and it was one of the best decisions I’ve made. This Market has an energy to it like no other place. It made my life difficult with rostering because everyone wanted to work at the Queen Vic, including me! We take a lot of pride in being a part of the Queen Vic Market culture.

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