The Queen Victoria Market is a big place in the city that has many small shops that sell many different things.

At the Market, we will learn about history and hear about the people who work there. I will see shops selling meat, fish, cheese, cakes, bread, fruit and vegetables and food from all around the world. I can look, taste, listen and learn at The Queen Victoria Market.

The Tour
I will stay with my teachers and class while we wait for our tour guide to take us on the tour. We will be outside and it might be noisy as there will be some cars, vans and bikes going past but it will be okay because I will be with my teachers. We might see a forklift which will make a beeping sound but it will not come near us.

When our tour guide meets us, they will tell us their name and what we are going to do on the tour.

I will stay with my teachers and class and follow the tour guide on a walk through the Market. We will walk past a flower stall and a busy café.

Then we will follow our guide around a corner and along a street. There will be a lot of cars and some trams on this street so it might be a bit loud but I will be okay because I will be with my teacher and class.

The Meat & Fish Hall
The Meat and Fish Hall is a big building with wide glass doors at the front. We will follow our tour guide inside. All the shops inside the Market are called stalls. We will look closely at some stalls that sell interesting meat and the tour guide will tell us all about what it is, and where it comes from.

There are lots of people who do their shopping at the Market and lots of people who work there as well. If I get lost, a security officer will help me find my class. They wear blue tops with bright green vests.

The fish section of the Market will smell strongly of the sea and there will be some whole fish and maybe even some live crabs. I might find it loud and there might be lots of people so I need to stay with my teachers and class. That way, I will feel safe and know that everything will be okay.

I will see many different fish and learn about where they come from. I will stay with my teacher and guide as we move though the area as it can get crowded. We will stop occasionally to look at the interesting fish.

The Dairy Produce Hall
Then, in my group, I will follow the tour guide into the Dairy Produce Hall. This is a big hall with a very high roof and lots of windows. It might be loud and crowded and I will smell some strong food smells like cakes, coffee and cheese. If I feel overwhelmed or uncomfortable, I will tell my teacher.

In the Dairy Produce Hall, the tour guide will talk to my class about the different stalls and we will learn about the people who sell the food and how it is made. I will learn many things about food from different places all around the world. I will also smell, hear, see and maybe taste new things.

There are lots of bathrooms at the Queen Victoria Market. If I need to go to the toilet, I will tell my teacher and they will take me to a bathroom. When I have finished, I will wash my hands and we will go back to my group.

Fruit & Vegetables
We will then enter the fresh fruit and vegetable area where I will see all the different types of vegetables and fruit that the different stores sell. I will follow my group as we walk through this area. It might be loud and crowded so I will stay with my teachers and tell them if I feel overwhelmed.

Our tour guide might pick up a piece of fruit or vegetable to talk about it but we will not touch the fruit and vegetables or any other food on display unless my teacher or tour guide tells me that I am allowed to.

The Gelati Stall
We will follow our guide over the road to Geloso Gelateria. I will learn about how gelato is made and where the ingredients come from. We will be allowed to choose our own flavour of gelato and it will be given to us in a paper cup. While we eat our gelato, we will say good-bye to our tour guide and thank them.





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