Our resources have been developed to assist teachers with student visits to Queen Victoria Market.

Where can I get a map of the Market?
Hit the link to download our Queen Vic Market Map.

Activity Sheets
Student will gain a greater understanding of the Queen Victoria Market with our Activity Sheets.

Who are the Activity Sheets for?
The material has been developed for secondary school teachers and students but can also be adapted for primary school teachers and students. They cater for a range of different learning styles. All information on these sheets will be refreshed in January 2021.

What subject areas are covered?
The Activity Sheets can be used for a range of subject areas with particular relevance to subjects such as History, Geography, Food Technology, Sociology, Environmental Studies and Languages other than English. The subject areas covered are:

  • Introduction to the Queen Victoria Market
  • History of the Queen Victoria Market
  • Food and nutrition at the Queen Victoria Market
  • Sustainability at Queen Victoria Market

The student Activity Sheets have been structured with information in the left-hand column and questions/activities in the right column. Reading the information in the left-hand column will assist the students with the activity in the right hand column.

Click here to read more about sustainability at Queen Vic Market.

How do I print the Activity Sheets?
The Activity Sheets have been designed with the environment in mind. Please print double-sided.

How long does it take to complete an Activity Sheet?
Allow two hours per subject set.

Activity Sheet download:
Click here to download our comprehensive Resource Kit for Teachers.

What group size works best?
We recommend small groups of 3 to 4 students, with each group starting on a different section of the subject area.

When we get back to school?
We would love your feedback! Please complete the relevant feedback form and let us know what you thought? The feedback from teachers and students is important to us and will help us improve our School Tours.

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If you love Queen Vic Market then why not take our Ultimate Foodie Tour? A delicious and fascinating guided walking tour where you will taste the freshest produce, discover unique ingredients, learn tips and tricks for shopping and cooking, discover the Market’s history and meet some of our beloved traders. Teachers can enjoy 20% off, simply enter the code TEACHER on check-out. Book now.

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