Getting to know Jenny from Jak Boutique

Jak Boutique specialises in soy candles and home décor. Everything is hand-made using Australian-sourced, ethical ingredients and there are over 60 types of fragrances to choose from. We chat to owner Jenny about Jak Boutique, her products and why soy candles should always be the preference.

How did Jak Boutique start?
It all started when I was searching for a strongly scented candle that would provide a relaxing ambience and also create an incredible fragrant home. Unfortunately, every candle I tried burning at home lost its scent and burned out very quickly and produced a black smoke that made me feel really nauseous and dizzy. After doing some research I learnt that most candles are made with paraffin wax, which is a cheap by-product of petroleum and also dangerous to burn. I am very health conscious and thankfully discovered a more natural/organic type of wax – soy! I undertook several courses to learn the art of chandlery and have now been hand-making my own home fragrances and individually poured candles for over 8 years.

Can you tell me about your products?
My range of products include candles, melts, silk reed home diffusers, car diffusers, home decor and original art. I personally make all of my fragrant products from individually hand pouring them to handwriting the labels. I like to specifically use and source Australian-made ingredients that are premium in quality, long lasting and highly fragrant. The fragrance oils I use are pure essential oil blends, which are less likely to trigger allergies or create headaches. There are so many relaxing, invigorating, fun, quirky, sexy, sweet and fresh scents to choose from including Hot Jam Doughnut, Beach Bum, Limoncello, Monkey Farts, Fresh Cut Grass and classics like French Lavender and many varieties of Vanilla.

What should customers think about when they’re buying a candle?
Aside from what scent to choose, it’s important to make a conscious decision. Know what you’re paying for and ask what the candle is made of. Find out where was it made and by who. It’s so important to understand how it the candle may affect you. Think about where you will be burning your candle. Most likely it will be in an enclosed area where not only humans, but pets and plants may coexist. You wouldn’t want to inhale car fumes inside your home (which is what you would be essentially doing by burning paraffin wax candles), so by making a simple switch to pure soy wax candles you’re making a conscious ethical choice that is so much healthier for not only yourself but for children, pets and plants alike. You can actually smell the difference as quality products do not produce black smoke, they’re longer lasting and burn at a cooler temperature.

What’s your favourite candle?

It’s hard to pick just one. But my personal favourites include Bubble Gum, Australian Bush, Fifty Shades of Sexy, Beach and Amber Rose.

What’s your best seller?
My all-time “Best Smeller” is Melbourne Coffee. Perfect for those that cannot drink it and for those who can’t get enough of it! It is such a wonderful homely scent which is warm, fresh and invigorating.

Why did you choose Queen Vic Market?
Being born in Melbourne, it is the heart of Melbourne where so many diverse people from locals to interstate and international visitors come from all over to appreciate and experience something iconic and unique. I love the vibe and the friendly people that make it what it is.

Want to find out more about soy candles? Check out more about the store here

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