It’s Truffle Season

It’s Truffle Season

Truffle season is here and there’s no better place to shop for a wide range of truffle products than at Queen Vic Market. Explore a treasure trove of truffle-infused goodies, from cooking essentials to elevate your culinary creations, to truffle treats to satisfy your cravings. You’ll find it all at Queen Vic Market!

RIPE Chesse
Melbourne’s original and favourite Truffle Toastie returns for a limited season from Saturday 10 June. Picture a golden-brown exterior, filled with an oozy centre of cheddar and mozzarella, topped with 12g of freshly shaved Australian truffle and then sprinkled with black truffle salt. This symphony of flavours is a must-try!

Find RIPE Cheese in the Dairy Produce Hall, Shop 41-42. 

Gewurzhaus Herb & Spice Merchants
Get your hands on this luxurious Black Truffle Salt that is sure to enhance even the simplest of dishes. Infused with the essence of Italian black summer truffles – known for their earthy and chocolatey flavour – and combined with sea salt, this kitchen essential is ideal for sauces, roast chicken or even buttered popcorn.

Find Gewurzhaus in the Dairy Produce Hall, Shop 7-9. 

Queen’s Harvest
Adorn your fresh pasta or scrambled eggs with the finest black truffles sourced from across Australia at Queen’s Harvest, available in a range of weights and sizes. While you’re there, why not treat yourself to their Torres Selecta Black Truffle Chips? These premium potatoes are mixed with an irresistible black truffle seasoning.

Find Queen’s Harvest in D Shed, Stall 5-12.

Land of Soy & Honey
This exquisite Truffle Hill Honey is a rare delight from the Land of Soy & Honey. Whether you choose to spread it over warm toast, mix it into your sauces, or use it as a marinade, it adds a touch of luxury to any culinary creation.

Find the Land of Soy & Honey in the Dairy Produce Hall, Shop 10–11. 

Traditional Pasta Shop
Indulge in the decadent Italian cuisine of truffle ravioli. These delicate parcels are available in flavours such as artichoke ricotta and truffle spicy pulled pork, as well as zucchini, eggplant, capsicum and truffle potato. 

Find the Traditional Pasta Shop in the Dairy Produce Hall, Shop 3-4. 

Slyvia’s Delicatessen
A dash of Toscana Truffle infused olive oil can elevate any dish. Drizzle it over roasted vegetables, pasta or grilled meat to unlock a symphony of flavours that will have you wanting more.

Find Slyvia’s Delicatessen in the Dairy Produce Hall, Shop 61-65.

Dianne’s Delights
Diannes’s famous truffled hummus is made with twicecooked Australian chickpeas and the finest blend of tahini, zesty lemon, fresh garlic and then infused with quality black truffle paste and virgin truffle oil.  

Find Dianne’s Delights in the Dairy Produce Hall, Shop 43-46.

The Corner Larder
Fancy some Tasmanian Truffle Cheddar? This 14-monthold vintage club cheddar is combined with the finest Tasmanian black truffle, resulting in a delectable blend of nutty, smooth and earthy flavours. Enjoy it in a toastie, on a cheese board or grated over pasta.  The team is also offering a Obelix Chook, Mushroom and Truffle Terrine, which is delicately balanced with bold truffle and chicken flavours. Beautiful as an entree, chargrilled, or in a sandwich. 

Find The Corner Larder in the Dairy Produce Hall, Shop 33-35. 

Curds And Whey
Explore the fantastic range of truffle goods at Curds & Whey, from black truffle mustard, truffle-infused olive oil and truffled cheddar. The team are also stocking decadent truffle butter which captivates the flavours and aromas of the esteemed Great Southern black truffle. It’s smooth, creamy texture and earthy delicate notes are truly irresistible when slathered on a warm piece of toast  

Find Curds and Whey in the Dairy Produce Hall, Shop 12-13. 

Big Vic Deli
Big Vic Deli are stocking a variety of truffle goods including Italian White Truffle Oil as well as their decadent truffle salami – combining Italian black truffle with premium Australian pork which has been cured to perfection.  

Find Big Vic Deli in the Dairy Produce Hall, Shop 25-28. 


Ultimate Truffle Tours
Fancy yourself as a truffle fanatic? Join the Ultimate Truffle Tour and discover where to find the best truffle products at the Market, how to cook with truffles, and enjoy lots of truffle tastings. 

Click here to book now! 


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