Pick up everything for your Orthodox Easter feast at Queen Victoria Market. Whether you are looking for quality local lamb, fresh seafood, marinated olives, dolmades, tsoureki and a range of egg dye kits – you’ll find it all at Queen Victoria Market, plus pick up tips from our friendly traders. 

Explore the Markets Dairy Produce Hall, Meat & Fish Hall and fruit & vegetables sheds for the very best in local produce.  

Egg Dye Kits  

For Orthodox Easter, families get together to dye eggs red, the colour symbolising the blood of Jesus. The eggs are hard-boiled and then dyed (blue, red, yellow are common colours used). Family members at Easter lunch usually try to crack each other’s eggs and the last person with an uncracked egg is considered lucky for that year! You can also paint and decorate the eggshells too. Both the Tsoureki and red eggs are made on Holy Thursday but can only be eaten on Easter Sunday. 

Shop a huge selection of eggs plus egg dye kits, egg wraps, stickers, displays and gift boxes at The Eggporium. Then wander over to the Dairy Produce Hall to explore Dianne’s Delights, Queen Vic Deli and Hellenic Deli’s egg dyeing kits.  

Explore Queen Vic Deli’s stickers for eggs and dye kits to make your Orthodox Easter a seamless one. They are also selling freshly dyed eggs.  

Dairy Produce Hall 

No celebration is complete without deli goods and nibbles! If you fancy cured meats, swing by the Dairy Produce Hall and visit La’ Deli , Queen Vic Deli or The Corner Larder, or pick up some cheese and dairy products from Ripe Cheese, Hellenic Deli and The French Shop 

For more traditional Orthodox celebrations, some enjoy Greek-style sweet brioche bread, called Tsoureki. It is made so there are three braids, which are done to represent the three aspects of the Holy Trinity. You can find this at Hellenic Deli. Pair this with the moreish ricotta stuffed peppers, olives and hearty salads from Hellenic Deli, The Corner Larder, Queen Vic Deli or Dianne’s Delights.  

Hellenic Deli has a range of beautiful Greek Easter candles available. These are used at Midnight on Holy Saturday, where people gather in the church with their candles to participate in the Resurrection Liturgy.  

Dianne’s Delights offers a wide range of made dips, grilled eggplants, marinated artichokes. For Orthodox Easter this year, try their dolmades or their family recipe, flaounas. Can’t make it to the Market? Shop Dianne’s Delights on Queen Vic Market Online and enjoy home delivery.

La’ Deli has a wide selection of cold meats, oils, cheeses, delicacies and Luke’s mum’s secret dolmade’s recipe.  

Over at Queen Vic Deli, shop their mastiha, which is used to make the traditional Easter bread called Tsoureki. Mastiha is derived from the Greek Island of Xios and is a resin from a tree that gives the tsoureki its distinct taste. This sweet bread is traditionally only made at Easter time and is consumed at the end of Great Lent which lasts for 6 weeks. Queen Vic Deli has been selling homemade tsoureki for over 30 years, this year it will be available 10 days before Easter. 


Explore the offerings at one of our 27 skilled butchers, there is no shortage of succulent cuts of meat to be found. Discover a range of top-quality meat cuts to grace your dining table. Premium lamb cuts are already on display in our traders’ windows and are expected to be highly sought after. Indulge in a classic roast leg of lamb or coveted cuts including shoulder or rack, perfectly complemented by seasonal roasted vegetables on your trays.    

Vic Meat Supply have a range of cuts of meat from their handmade gourmet sausage range, old fashioned cuts like corned silverside and roast. This Orthodox Easter, try their delicious marinated Greek Lamb. Can’t make it to the Market? Shop Vic Meat Supply on Queen Vic Market Online and enjoy home delivery.

Primo @ Vic offers a wide range of meats including pork, beef and lamb, they also have full lamb available for pre order for your Souvla. Can’t make it to the Market? Shop Primo@Vic on Queen Vic Market Online and enjoy home delivery.


Explore the Market’s Meat & Fish Hall to discover the ideal catch for your Orthodox Easter feast. Our fishmongers are stocked with local favorites such as salmon, oysters, and fresh prawns, ensuring a bountiful selection for your celebration. Complete your feast with decadent delicacies like Moreton Bay bugs, blue swimmer crab and high-grade sashimi. 

Looking to create something really special or a specific dish? Be sure to speak to our friendly traders for their expert tips and tricks. 

Seasonal Fruit & Vegetables

With more than 40 fruit, vegetable and organic traders located in A to D Sheds, shopping Melbourne’s best fresh produce has never been easier. Seasonal roasting varieties are in abundance and will serve as great accompaniments for Orthodox Easter feasts – look out for Brussels sprouts, carrots, potatoes, pumpkins, parsnips, rhubarb and beetroot. 

Market fresh tip – Chat to our friendly greengrocers for their recommendations and to see what’s in season! Click here to browse the Market’s fruit, vegetable and organic traders.   

Shop Queen Vic Market Online  

If you can’t make it to the Market, shop on Queen Victoria Market Online! Browse over 3,000 products and shop Orthodox Easter favourites including fresh seafood, local lamb, fruit & veg, drinks, chocolates and many more. Enjoy same Market day delivery to over 220 suburbs or Click & Collect if you order before 10am.  

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